Happy New Year2022.01.03 Mon /

My husband and I wrote down 5 resolutions each this year. One of my resolutions is “working less, earning more, and spending more time with my daughter”. I think this is my most difficult resolution but the most important one for me and my family.
Also, one of my secret resolutions is “improving my English.” It is difficult to keep my motivation up to learn English because I got used to spending time speaking Japanese after coming back to Japan. I restarted watching some TV shows with English subtitles, not Japanese, and will continue doing that during my extra time.

We paid a visit to a shrine.

By the way, my family and I paid a visit to the Osaka-Tenmangu, which is called “Hatsumoude”, on New Year’s Day with my sister before going to my parent’s house. We got some good luck charms and a fortune-telling slip, which is called “Omikuji”. My daughter and my sister got “Good luck” and I got “Great luck”.

Anyway, I am just going to keep doing my best for everything that I want to do this year.